Since 1994 continuously expanding customer portfolio with high-quality production, 3500 m² factory engaged in manufacturing various brands in Istanbul, Turkey and in the Euroepan market, our company is fast becoming the leading.
     220 staff in today’s technology producing high quality menshirts. We have 4-5.000 units daily capacity.
Customer-focused approach, we offer high quality and reliable service internationally accepted quality of production and our primary goal is to be the preferred supplier for our European clients.
     Our strength is years of experience, knowledge and expert staff. Our fundamental principles of our customers are combinations of technology and creativity, constantly serving.
Our lead time is 6 – 8 weeks depends on fabric quality production time. Solids and prints are 5-6 weeks shipment. Yarn dyeds are 7-8 weeks shipment term.
We have continuously ready greige fabrics of 50/1 – 60/1 poplin + 60/1 satin + 60/1 vual + 50/1 Cotton EA qualities to offer our fastest service to our clients.

Our Main Clients